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South Tyrolean Alps, 2014 | by Lukas Furlan

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Advice from Adventure Time (1/??)

Advice from Adventure Time (2/??)


I just love adventure time, and this was an awesome practice 

Finally bottled my first home brew!

A pale ale with Simcoe, Amarillo and Cascade. Thanks to www.bertusbrewery.com for the recipe!

Shit yeah.

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La petite mort, a french idiom for orgasm but literally meaning the little death. Limited edition Rad Breath petite mort pins for four dollars or two for six. Pins measure an inch and a half each and come in either purple or beige. If you’re interested in a bulk order shoot me a message!

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teacup wall 😍


teacup wall 😍


breakfast-221 by seth_lowe on Flickr.

Mumford & Sons feat. Jerry Douglas - The Boxer & Awake My Soul

Feels weird tucking my home brew in with sleeping bags whilst attempting to cold crash it before bottling!
Awesome Breaking Bad mug from my girlfriend for my birthday, plus a kindle with Kurt Vonnegut on and some fresh Stone IPA - can’t ask for more than that!

Yes Netflix, I’m still watching Adventure Time. Obviously.

Fuck. Yeah.

Picked up a couple of bottles of Stone Enjoy By 08.16.14 from BrewDog Manchester today. 

Cheers for the sweet import guys!